Gas Line Screens


All models of Durant automobiles equipped with vacuum tank fuel feed have two strainer screens in the gasoline line. One screen is located in the top of the vacuum tank, Figs. 3 and 4, and the other at the bowl of the carburetor. Two types of vacuum tanks were used on Durant, the early type shown in Fig. 3 and the later type in Fig. 4. To clean the gas line screen, remove the screen and wash in gasoline then blow clear with air. The strainer body should always be washed thoroughly before replacing the screen.

All models of Durant equipped with fuel pump have a double strainer screen located in the top of the gasoline bowl at the fuel pump, Fig. 5, and the second screen at the carburetor. To clean the fuel pump screen, remove the glass bowl and clean the screen assembly. Make certain that the cork gasket is in good condition and properly seated when reassembling the bowl into position. If the gasket is damaged replace with a new one.

Cross sectional view of fuel pump, glass bowl and pump valve. Note the two strainer screens and position of cork gasket at the top of the glass bowl. The valve disc is held in position by a spring, which in turn is held in place by the valve plug. If the valve plug is removed, see that the valve plug gasket is in good condition when pump is replaced.

Information Donated by Carol Rush