1924-1927 Rugby

1924 Rugby, Owned by Dr. Henry Pang, Australia
1924 Rugby Tourer, Owned by, Berni Engleback, Albany, New Zealand

1925 Rugby Special Sports Tourer, Owned by Andrew Champion, Caloundra City, Australia

1926 Rugby Touring Car (6 Cylinder), Owned by Rick McDonough, Australia

1926 Model M Rugby Touring Car, Owned by Les & Josie Young, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

1926 Rugby Van, Owned by Bruce Clydesdale

1926 Rugby Touring Car, Owned by Murray Spear, Auckland, New Zealand

1926 Rugby Touring Car, Owned by Ramiro Pinto, of Pombal, Portugal

1927 Rugby Coupe, Owned by Bill and Robyn Betts of Mittagong, New South Wales, Australia

1927 RUGBY Touring Car, Owned by Dib Franciss, Braslia, Brazil

1927 Rugby, Owned by Alec Divov, Halfway House, South Africa

1927 – Rugby Touring Car Model R, Owned by Angel of Buenos Aires, Argentina

1926 Rugby Touring Car, Picture provided By Sid Semple, Australia