1924 Flint Model 55 w/ California Top

Owned by Mike & Irene Babick
Vallejo, California

This car has a true California top with sliding side windows that are not removable. When you sit in the back seat when the sides are open you look out through three panes of beveled glass windows. The California top can not be put down. It’s real solid. They advertised it with men standing on it.

Prior owners Bill & Dick Krause discovered the fellow who restored it and picked up a little history on the car. It was originally sold to a Californian, then sold to become part of the Harrah’s™ car collection. When the Harrah’s™ collection was sold at auction, the Flint came into the procession of a fellow in Pennsylvania who started to restore it. He took it apart cleaned and primed the pieces but gave up and offered it for sale in boxes. Keith Mellish in Nesconset, NY bought it and completed the restoration. It won all kinds of trophies for him. There was a fellow with a 16 Cylinder Packard at the shows and the Flint always beat out the Packard for best of show. At the last show, Mellish sold the Flint to James Sabella. The guy with the Packard came up to him and said “I hope the fellow that bought it lives out of state”. Sabella lived in New York at the time but moved to Florida and took the Flint with him. He was afraid to drive it so he stored it for 12 years and decided to sell it. The car was kept in show condition.