1929 Rugby Model D40 Touring Car

Owned by Raul Berdini of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Serial number 14996
Engine number 582413

The owner tells the following history. The car was purchased in 1930 by Mr. Carlos Berdini , an Italian immigrant and tennant of 24 acres. The car was immediately sent to Paraje Las Tunas, near Roque Perez, in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. After 7 decades, the car remains in that same place and has become part of the history of the town. In those days, due to the small number of cars available, this car was not only used for private purposes, but it also served important public functions. Mr Berdini was usually requested to drive ill people to health care centers, or to fetch midwives. In fact, some townspeople know that their birth was intimately related to Mr Carlos’s Rugby -the way the car was called among the neighbours.

It’s also said that Mr Berdini was not fond of high speed, even though his elder sons did speed the car up in the countryside. His youngest son, Raul, a car fan, who did not dare such audacious behaviour, managed to do without the Rugby by creating a three–wheeled vehicle with a washing-machine engine that he stole from his mother. One day Mr Carlos gave up driving and put the family treasure away in a shed. After several decades the youngest son decided to repair it with a lot of effort. According to Raul, satisfaction prevailed over sacrifice during the restoration period (i.e. 12 years). Little by little the Rugby came to life again, and became the family (Raula’s family) treasure one more time . After a lot of work the car was publicly exhibited on June 16th in the main square in the city of Cañuelas.”

I think that this car is the best of Argentina , because the quality of restoration and respect of originality.

Best Regards,
Walter Pre