1923 Star Touring Car 

by Edward Vomero

This 1923 Star Touring Car was purchased as a leftover in 1924 by Lara B. Leighton in either Milbridge or Cherryfield Maine. It was cheaper than the model 7 of that year. The car was used around the family farm and for going to town. At that time they would fill the back seat and running boards with bails of hay and drive to their Oceanside cottage in Steuben Maine about 8 miles away.
During the Depression one of Laura B’s sons removed the back seat and made a pickup truck out of it, to use on the farm. The car was then passed on to her daughter Vera Roberts, who used it until retiring it to the barn. Her son Leighton Roberts brought the car to Connecticut in the late 1960’s. During the 70’s he restored the car and drove it to car shows and events where it won several trophies.

This car has been in the same family since it was new and driven until 2003 when Leighton passed on. His son, Gregory Roberts, sold the car to me. I feel that it is an unusual find. I now plan on restoring this car to full new condition sure need help with this one as far as info is concerned.

Model – NE – 111433

Engine Number 83282

Roof and Seats are original.