1924 Flint Project 

Owned by Terje Bråtveit
Sand, Norway

I’m working on a 1924 Flint E-55 Sport Touring car. I went over to Atlanta, Georgia in January 2003, to buy the car from Barry and Lisa Turner. The car is shown on one of the pages on Durant’s website as a 1925 Flint E-55. The car is in good shape, but I will give it a total restoration. Frank E Sims and I have been writing to each other since 1999, and he has shared his knowledge so generously.

The story started long ago, with my grandfather’s Flint, which I have been trying to buy for many years as I know the owners. I have not succeeded yet. The story of this car, has been published in the Durant magazine earlier. In late December 2002, I found this Flint for sale on Internet. I contacted Barry Turner by email, and we agreed on a price. The problem, however, was how to ship, and how to make the payment. Neither Mr. Barry Turner nor myself had ever made such a trade before. I did some research, and found a Norwegian car trading company, working from California. I called the guy, and he was very helpful and friendly and, yes, he could go over to Atlanta for me, and take a look at the car, and help with the shipping. This would cost about $1,000 so I decided that it would be better to make the deal person to person. I would need company, so I invited my brother Ove to go with me, he said yes at once! Ten days after we left, with Visa card, and a cheque for the Flint, Via Amsterdam and Detroit, we arrived in Atlanta late in the evening.

Next morning, we rented a car, and I have to say that I couldn’t have done this without Ove. He drove the car, and found the right place in Smellville outside Atlanta. I was very exited to see the car, and I was not disappointed! The engine started at once, and the car was in quite good condition. Before we left Norway, we made a deal with a Norwegian shipping company with contacts in Atlanta. We found the right person, but it seemed difficult to get the help we needed. For two Norwegians in a big city like Atlanta, it was quite depressing when things didn’t work out the way we thought they would. We simply didn’t know what to do. But then Barry and Lisa Turner arrived on the scene, without their help we would simply not have made it. They contacted the right companies, drove us here and there, and wherever we went, people were very kind and helpful, and in the end, the truck was there to collect the Flint. We said goodbye, and went back home, just to start the terrible waiting, which lasted exactly one month. We went over to Oslo, which takes about five or six hours, did all the paperwork, got the car, and went back again the same day. It was very dark as we arrived home, but exiting to take the car off the trailer and into the garage, and to have it standing there! Now the work has started, and I never rest trying to find all the parts that I need. Even if the car is almost complete with all the original parts, there are still some things that are missing. Right now I’m looking for a wooden steering wheel. I would very much like to get in contact with other owners of Flint Sport Touring, not only the 1924 model.

February 2007: Added pictures of freshly painted body, frame and wheels.