Flint Seals

I recently installed modern seals in my ’25 Flint H-40 Trans. and Pinion housing….Our Local bearing house was very helpful selecting the seals…For the Trans I selected a lip seal having the correct shaft size (seal I.D.) then looked for the smallest cross section in that series (smallest O.D.) with a 1/4″ width….I bored the Trans front and rear bearing retainers to approx .003″ under seal O.D. for press fit.

Pinion, I machined pinion housing nose to same size as seal O.D. also faced housing nose back for seal/flange clearance (approx 3/16″, then machined a press fit collar to extend 5/16″…..For machine stock for extension collar I used a cheap 2″ shaft collar from bearing house, they measure 2x3x7/8″ then braze the 1/2″ set lock hole full…. Shop floor seems to be dry now…Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

By Bill Hoaglan