Oakland Star Dealership

R.A. Doty Company of Oakland, California

Lew Doty of Walnut Creek, California has been kind enough to share with us these wonderful photographs and information regarding his grandfather, Royal A. Doty. R.A. Doty moved to California from Nebraska where his family had been involved in other Dealerships such REO, and held a good position with General Motors prior to opening the Star Dealership in Oakland.

While the company’s new and permanent location was under construction at the corner of 12th and Fallon streets, Star cars were sold and serviced at 1535 Harrison Street. This building still stands today and is occupied by a Title company. Unfortunately the new building was demolished in the late 1960’s in order to build the new Oakland Museum.

This is the complete collection of surviving pictures and many, due to space considerations were not included in the original Durant Partner article of December 2005. All have not been seen in over 80 years , enjoy.