1923 Star Touring

Gaute F. Öiseth

The Story of “N-3067” The first picture shows the first (?) owner behind the wheel. This car was bought by Mr. Anders Andersen, Kongsberg, Norway. Andersen was probably the second owner and bought the car when it was quite new. Then in 1927 it was sold to Mr. Karl Annestad nearby, therefore the car kept its first registration number (F-314). Farmer and Forestkeeper Annestad kept his car in good condition, and used it well. It was used for work, long and short trips as well as a “taxi” and “ambulance”. In the summer of 1939, the car stopped during a long holiday trip along the coast. Annestad promised then his wife and kids that next year a new car would be purchased. However, during WW2, no new cars were for sale, and the German troops simply tookover all newer cars they got hands on. After 1945 the car was back on the road, it received a new registration number, and it was slightly rebuilt. It was converted to a “sedan”, built by Annestad and the kids nearby. The car was used until 1953 or 55, then it was sold and forgotten. In 1960, the Norwegians at last was able to buy a new car (that wasn’t of Eastern Europe or Soviet origin). The car was found in a barn in 1971, and sold together with the other. The enthusiastic owner was starting the work until it stopped the following year… I bought both cars in 2001, and hopefully will be finished in 3 or 4 years! I’m working on the front/rear axle and hopefully will have the frame and wheels completed by Spring. The radiator and many body parts are repaired, welded and the motor is in process. Soon I’ll finish the interior.

Gaute F. Öiseth, Norway