1927+ Star

1927 Star Model M Sport Touring, Owned by Steven Beierl, Beamsville, Ontario

1927 Star Roadster, Owned by Dan & Sally Holwerda, El Dorado, California

1927 Star Station Wagon with Mifflinburg Suburban Body, Owned by Dick Krause of Long Beach, California

1927 Star, Owned by Richard Remelius, Troy, Illinois

1927 Model M Star Roadster, Owned by Gordon Nagel
1927 Star Model R (6 Cylinder), Owned by Louis Quenneville, Dunham, Quebec Canada

1927 Deluxe Star Model R, Owned by Lance Haynes

1927 Star Four Door Sedan, Owned by Bert Babick of American Canyon, California

1927 Model M Sedan, Owned by Bob & Betty Porter, Panama City, Florida

Two 1927 Star Roadsters, Owned by Robert Krayer, Levittown, Pennsylvania

1927 Star Model R Sedan, Owned by Richard Kreiner, Davey, Nebraska

1927 Star Coupe, Owned by Andrew Passadore, Auburn, California